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Get heard. Trade Bridge facilitates the exchange of information, concerns and direct communication between member clients and your representatives on Capitol Hill.
Control import and export shipping costs. Trade Bridge association for international trade provides direct access to import and export information and services. Avoid unnecessary intermediaries that can absorb SMEs profits.
Compete Equally. Get the Trade Bridge edge to compete with multinationals effectively and profitably.
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Obama's National Export Initiative

Do you think the National Export Initiative will help U.S. exports?
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Welcome Small and Medium U.S. Importers and Exporters

BIS posts President Obama Outlining New Efforts to Reform Export Controls 
Track Airport Status in Europe due to Volcanic Ash.
Obama's National Export Initiative
See the ISF (10+2) Final Ruling -
Download Federal Register

10+2 Fact Sheet from Customs
►Learn about the New Export Regulations effective in October 2008.

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